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What is YOBO?

share your happy places
Share geotagged pictures with everyone around you. It is the easiest way to reach people in your area, no matter where you are!


see what´s up
Take advantage of the best local offers and discover new shops, boutiques and restaurants.


meet your neighbors
Be active in your local community, find help or offer advice.


organize activities
Find like-minded people in yor area to organize for sports, arts and other leisure activities.

Key Features

YOBO gives you multiple possibilites to make the most of your surroundings


feel daily life around you
No matter where you are, YOBO gives you insights in how people live in your area and what matters around you.

find people & places
Browse a stream of geotagged photos of people and places in your vicinity.

we show you the way
If you discover something interesting in a photo we will lead you to the spot.

meet people
Meet people around you and discuss local topics. Organize local activities or get help finding you run-away cat.

YOBO for your local business

Discover YOBO to grow your business and get to know your customers


create a place for your business
By creating a place on YOBO, you allow mobile walk-in customers to find your shop.

increase the reach of your window
Display your products to increase the reach of your window and attract people around you.

interact with people in your area
Use YOBO to promote offers and engage with your customers.

chat with people
React to local duscussions and build your brand locally and organically.


The faces behind YOBO

Tobias Szarowicz
Founder & CEO
Anton Kahr
Founder & CTO
Alexander Beer
Founder & Designer

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